Trunk Vents Are Sealed

I was able to work on a bunch of different projects yesterday, including the canopy and dashboard, but I also managed to finally finish up the trunk vents by sealing in the vent mesh to ensure that the trunk is water tight.

This involved using some fiberglass to seal the outer edges of the steel inserts and then eventually covering everything in fiberglass as seen in the picture at the top of this post.

The first step was carefully sealing in the edges of the steel inserts without dripping resin through the sides and onto the face of the mesh.

There were a couple of high spots that I drilled and inserted screws to hold them down before the fiberglass cured and was able to hold them in-place on its own.

There’s a little trick that helps in situations such as this one, that is to cut out the small pieces of matt you want to use, lay them out on some cardboard and then soak them with resin.

This allows you to then peel the pieces of pre-soaked matt off of the cardboard and then dab them in-place with a brush, ensuring that you don’t need to slop on resin to soak through while they sit on your target area.

Using this technique I was able to seal all the sides of the steel inserts before covering them up with a full layer of fiberglass matt and resin.

I also used this technique to seal in the top gap of the trunk area which was left from all of the cutting I needed to do in order to push the mesh into place.

So now my trunk lid is pretty much complete. The only things left will be to do the final fitting and gap work with the body shell and also adding a power popper for opening the trunk.

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