Electronics Rack Is Complete

As I was waiting for things to warm up yesterday morning, I decided to finish up the fabrication on the electronics rack.  This is the rack where I hold all of the different electronics for the car such as the amplifier, sound boards and Arduino control systems.

Although I did run out of staples to finish off the second bottom piece of the rack that will be used for any extra items that I may add.  I finished painting the bars for the rack the other day so all I had left to do was to wrap the boards with speaker box material and bolt it all together

Wrapping the boards was pretty straight forward, simply cut a piece that is slightly larger than the board itself, wrap the edges, and staple them in-place.  The corners can be a bit tricky, but other than that it’s pretty simple work.

Once the board was wrapped I just needed to use a razor blade to cut the bolt hole openings.

As you can see I marked the different directions of the board so that everything lined up when I was done and I wasn’t left guessing what went where.

Then I brought out the trim screws and secured everything onto the rack.  Right now everything isn’t wired together, just held in-place.  I’ll do the final wiring work when I get closer to installing the rack into the car.

I had a 1 Farad capacitor laying around which didn’t get used for another project I was working on a while ago so  I decided to add it to my system.  This will ensure that when the actuators or amps start to draw some power that they doesn’t tax the electrical system of the car.

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