More Dash Progress

I was able to make a little bit more progress on the dash lid today, although the weather didn’t really want to cooperate.  I had a bunch of fiberglass work that I needed to finish up but it was only 13 degrees outside today 😦

Heat acts as a catalyst for the hardener in the resin which then cures everything into some nice solid fiberglass.  But without the heat I was standing there with the heat gun trying to get the resin to cure.

I started off by trimming the excess foam and sanding off any that landed on the top of the lid.  I then shaped the foam on the front of the lid a little bit and covered it all with tape (as seen in the picture at the top of this post).

I’ve always had bad luck with fiberglass resin and expanding foam.  When those two chemicals mix I usually end up with a big mess of goo.  I then tried to use some fiberglass matt and resin on the back edge of the dash lid which turned out to be a waste of time.

Without the heat the resin wouldn’t cure quick enough and would constantly pull away from the lid on any of the areas where it was bent.

So I ended up grinding that all away and clearing a notch in the rear edge and filling it all with shortstrand fiberglass.  I cleaned up the edge a little bit for a photo, but it was having the same heat/curing issue.

You can also see the area that sits down into the canopy drain in the photo below.  I sealed this area up into the top piece of the dash and coated the bristol board with resin to make it water tight.

I did manage to get about 1/3 of the way across the face of the dash with some resin and matt.  I used a different approach where I had a bunch of really thin strips of matt that I lay down length-ways and overlapped so that the edges wouldn’t lift from wrapping around the curvature.

I still need to clean this area up and finish the rest of the front edge of the dash.   I’ll only need to get this dash lid smoothed with 40 grit sandpaper because it will all be covered in vinyl, and the groves from the 40 grit will give the glue something to hold onto.

It looks like I should be having some 18-19 degree weather coming up which should make fiberglass work a little bit easier.  I’m not a big fan of standing there with the heat gun 🙂

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