New Full-Time Job in September

September 1st marks the beginning of a new month long full-time job.  No, not in technology…  I’m still de-stressing myself from the tech world for the time being.  Instead I am doing something that will continue to help me relax and get my mind rested to tackle something in tech again.

For the month of September I will be working full-time from 9am-5pm,  Mon-Fri on the BatBerry!!!

I’ve always dreamt of “someday down the road” running my own Hot Rod shop where I could build cool cars for people.

It’s one thing to love something as a hobby, and a totally different experience when it’s a full time job.  Like every job there are exciting parts and nasty boring parts.

I figure, what better way to find out if I enjoy working on cars full time than to try it for a month.  I also don’t think the fact that it’s my own car will make a difference because it’s the creative process of building that I enjoy.  When a project is finished it’s almost a disappointment.

I’m REALLY lucky to have a such a loving and supportive wife to allow me to try this out for a month 🙂

So hopefully I can make some quick progress and get the BatBerry moving under its own power before the snow flies!

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