New Headlights

After my initial headlights from a 1988-92 Mazda 626 did not work out very well, I went on a search for ones that would fit.  The old headlights were simply way too long and could not fit into the front “horn” of the car.

There’s been lots of debate on which headlights were used for the car.  From talking to other Batmobile builders there have been a range of lights used for their cars such as 90 Accord, 97 Mirage and 94 Mazda Protege.

Folklore says that the headlights were 88-89 Civic headlights that they flipped upside-down.  Well, I went out and bought myself a brand new set of the 88-89 Civic headlights and they look like they are going to work just fine.  There will be a little bit of fabrication involved but they’re not too long and not too short!

You can see on the actual “hero” movie car that they created what looks like a little shroud around the headlight to get them exactly as they liked.  I’m definitely looking forward to fabricating the mounting points for these bad boys!

2 thoughts on “New Headlights

  1. Tim,

    Glad to hear these new headlights look like they are going to work for you. Would you know if the UK Civics and US Civics were similar?

    Dave Boboc

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