More Fun with Speaker Boxes

This afternoon I was able to make some more headway on the speaker boxes.  Yes, “boxes”, as in plural 🙂

First was cutting another 1/2″ strip of steel to finish the band around the speaker box to complete the fabrication.  Next was drilling some holes that were the proper size for the pop-rivets that decorate the outer edge.

Overall I’m really happy with how the speaker box fabrication turned out.  The passenger side opening is a slightly different shape, but I decided that I would build a speaker box the same size as the driver’s side and just modify the recess on the passenger side to fit.  That will be the lesser of two evils.

Here you can see the driver’s side box once all of the fabrication had been completed and the larger holes drilled.

The next step was figuring out a way to mount them.  I started off by finding a couple spots that would pass through the body where I could get a nut on the inside and also line up with a solid part of the speaker box.  Once they were marked I drilled them out with a 3/8″ bit.

The new holes are the one in the top left, and bottom right of the recess.  The other open hole that you see is an old mounting hole that will get filled in and the bolt holds the body to the inner mounting point.

I then held the speaker box in-place and used a pencil to pass through the body and mark where the bolt should be welded to the box.  Then I just found a couple of 3/8″ bolts and welded them to the box.

There was a little more massaging needed on the holes to get everything to fit the way I wanted, but it turned out great!

I then took the speaker-box outside and gave it a few layers of body filler to smooth out any of the notches and fill in any of the gaps.  I also made sure to tape over the mesh so that I didn’t get any goop in there.

I gave it a couple layers of primer and added the pop-rivets to complete the look which you can see in the picture at the top of this post.  Right now it’s just smoothed down with 80 grit sandpaper so it will need a little more TLC to be considered completely finished.

The passenger side was basically the exact same process all over again but simply flipping the face plate to be a mirror image of the driver’s side.

Once everything was cut out it was just a matter of the same welding process to get the passenger side put together.

I’ll have to grind out some of the passenger recess so that I can repeat the steps of marking/drilling the holes for the bolts and then get a couple layers of body filler and primer on the new passenger side box.

All in all, a pretty productive afternoon in the garage!

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