Canopy Grills

A while back I managed to get my hands on some grill cut-outs that go just in front of the canopy.  These are recessed into the body of the car and look really cool.

Since I recently picked up my screen accurate mesh I figured I would move the work on the grills forward a bit.  The grills on the movie car have the circle patterned mesh behind them providing a really cool layered look.

So I traced the outline onto some of my mesh and cut the mesh to size.  One thing that I made sure of was to cut the mesh just slightly smaller so that it doesn’t stick out on the sides of the grills.

Here you can see the cool layered look that it gives the grills.  It really adds depth and a finished look.

The plan is to have these grills as a three layer sandwich.  First weld the mesh to the grill on the backside where the welds will not be visible.  Second will be a layer of 1/16″ steel drilled and welded around the edges.

By welding on the steel backing plate it will allow me to weld on some studs to pass through the body which will be used to hold the grills in-place.  The grills follow the contour of the body so they will need some massaging/bending to get them to fit the way I like.

I’ll also trace the grills onto the body shell and cut out the opening.  The plan is to then use the material from the center of the opening and drop it down a bit and fiberglass it back into place, thus creating a recess in the body for the grills to fit into.

These bad boys are going to be a lot of work, but the finished look will be a great detail on the car 🙂

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