Warner Bros. VIP Tour: Part 2 (The Vehicles)

Following up on my Part 1 article on the costumes and props, I figured I would do a post dedicated to the vehicles on the tour.  This is an area that I really wish we had more time to spend with the cars.

We were only in this area for about 10 minutes and it was pretty dark with all of the mood lighting.  It made it a bit difficult to get good pictures.  If you used the flash it washed out the photo, but getting good focused shots in low light is always a bit difficult.

The exhibit had pretty much all of the movie vehicles used, but I didn’t see the 60’s car or the Batman and Robin car.

I made sure that I got myself some up close photos of parts that likely many will think are kind of boring.  But I took them because there are very few good photos that give me the level of detail that I need to make the BatBerry a fairly accurate replica.

Like I’ve mentioned before, as a car guy I feel that the little details are what makes the difference between a “nice” car and an “oh my god” car.

Let’s start off by covering the vehicles that were on display.  The photos below in order are:

  • The black and camo Tumblers from the Nolan series
  • The Batpod from the Nolan series
  • The Batblade (I think) from Batman & Robin
  • The Batmobile from Batman Forever
  • Batgirl’s motorcycle from Batman & Robin

There was also Robin’s motorcycle from Batman and Robin but I didn’t get a picture of it.

Of course there was also the Batmobile from Batman Returns (my car) on display.  This was the same car that I saw at the Detroit auto show years ago and was also used in the OnStar commercials.  In fact it still has the two antennas and the OnStar button on the dash.

Since I’ve been working on the rear vents lately, I wanted to get some pictures to make sure I was creating them correctly.  I haven’t been able to find many good pictures of this area.

Turns out there were two main take-aways from seeing these up close.  First, the mesh is a single sheet that actually sits flat across all the vents.  Second I’ll need to build up some material around the top of the inside of the vents to get this same look.  So kind of a good news/bad news discovery.

Two other vents that I rarely see good pictures of are the ones on the gun doors and the two front “horns”.  Until now I hadn’t seen a picture that actually showed if the vents on the gun doors were open or not.

I also had been wondering what the cone intakes looked like on the actual car.  The debate had been around just how much they needed to be built up where they meet the opening of the body.  I’ve seen some people build them up a lot with a large lip, and others don’t do anything with them.  So close up pictures around the intakes and the grip on the step was welcomed.

Some of the details around the side mechanics (pipes on the side of the car) also don’t have great pictures.  Primarily my interest was around the mounting points at the mid section and where the pipes connected at the rear.

Then it was on to taking a few shots of some areas inside the vehicle.  I wanted to get some pictures of the panels behind the head of the passenger.  This was a little tricky because you couldn’t get to the passenger side and the car was also jacked up on the passenger side.  So the tour guide tried to help me out leaning over the car 🙂

This is where I wish there was great lighting and full access to the car.  Of course that was never going to happen, but we all can dream right 🙂

I also haven’t seen what they did in the cockpit for the kick panels under the dash so I snagged a photo of that area and also the armrest area.

I also noticed that they tucked some speakers behind the headrests.  I’m not sure if I’ll add those to my car or not.  That seems like it might be a bit annoying to have behind your head, but we’ll see.

Since the car was jacked up I figured I would take a picture of the underside of the car in case it revealed some interesting details.  But it was pretty much as expected, although I did notice that they had a lip around the underside of the nose for extra strength.

Overall it was a pretty good exhibit.  I would have loved to spend more time there, and better lighting would have been great.  But I came away learning more about the car and seeing more of the details that make it special.  Which is what I was hoping for!

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