Warner Bros. VIP Tour: Part 1 (Props & Costumes)

Today was the day… we were up early and set out North to Burbank to take part in our 10:30 am tour at the Warner Brothers studios.

Overall it was a really good tour to see how Movies & TV shows are created.  Back-lot façades for exteriors of buildings and then the front-lot sound stages for creating interiors or whole new worlds.

Selfishly I wish more time was spent in the Batman areas.  You spend about 20 minutes in the museum where all the props are and then maybe 10-15 minutes with the cars.  Of course I could have spent all day in those two spots 🙂

In this post I’ll cover the museum which was really cool.  The downstairs was filled with all of the Batman costumes and props from the different movies.

What you don’t get to appreciate when watching the movies is the amount of detail that goes into every prop and garment.  They are absolute works of art.  Simply look at all the different materials that go into just one joker outfit and you’ll be amazed.  Even the weathering of the material to make sure it doesn’t look new.

The costumes were really impressive.  All the way from head to toe… and I mean all the way to the feet.  Even the footwear is interesting to look at.  Tommy Lee Jones’ shoes for two face were super interesting to look at how they even brought the character right down to his shoes.

The props on display were equally impressive.  Again… details, details, details!

Another interesting part of the museum was the chance to check out a bunch of the original concept drawings for the costumes and props.  It was cool to see how the artists brought their drawings to life.

The last prop that I wanted to call out was one that wasn’t even in the museum.  Part of the tour is going through their warehouse of props that they sign out for multiple movies.  Things like the leather chairs from The Matrix were in there, the full assembled set of Central Perk from Friends etc..

But I noticed a familiar one as I was walking through.  It was one of the heads from the skull gang who rode motorcycles helping the Penguin in Batman Returns.

For some reason there was a bird stuck to the skull (likely from use in another movie).  So I had to educate our tour guide on that prop 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the tour where I cover the movie cars!

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