Only 2 Left

Yesterday I spent the afternoon working on the trunk vents again.  I believe I’ve spent a total of about 12 hours trying to get them to their current state.  Building-up, filling, sanding and then repeating over and over again.

I think my neighbours think I’m a bit nuts spending all that time sanding.  I personally think it’s the little details that make the car special and seem more finished or polished.  But at least you’re outside on a beautiful day and able to talk to everyone as they pop by to see what you’re working on.

I now have all of the vents except the two top vents recessed and smoothed/blended with body filler using 80 grit sandpaper.  They will still need some spot filler and final 200 grit sanding, but they’re looking exactly as I hoped.

Next step will be figuring out how I’ll get a backing plate and mesh into the recessed opening.  I have a couple ideas, but it will be a trial and error process just like everything else on this car 🙂

I sprayed a couple coats of primer on the surface to seal the body filler.  As you can see the body filler kind of acts like a sponge soaking up the primer.  This is one of the reasons you should always do a coat of primer over body filler before spraying your final paint.

The primer I use is a sandable primer so that I can then smooth things out further with some 200 grit paper and then some final spot putty to get the pin-holes and blemishes.

You can still see the striations from the 80 grit in these pictures, but don’t worry, those will be going away.  I tried to make sure that I blended the surfaces nicely into each other and also tried to smooth the inside corners of the recessed area that will still be exposed when I add the mesh.

Today will be a day of giving my numb fingers a rest and packing for our trip to California to visit the 75 years of Batman exhibit.  Our flight leaves tomorrow morning 🙂

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