More Trunk Vent Fabrication

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the bright sun which speeds up the fiberglass resin curing process.

This afternoon’s goal was to try and finish the fiberglass trunk vent fabrication so that they looked recessed compared to the flush look of the vents that was part of the kit.  My guess is that flush vents were a lot easier to pull out of a mold vs. a more complicated recessed appearance.

First step was to cut out the remaining vents and rough out the shape of the openings using grinders and files.  The results of that process can be seen in the picture at the top of this post.

Next was creating a “platform” to build up some fiberglass matt.  I decided to cut some 1″ strips of bristol board with a line at the 1/2″ mark.  The idea is to create a recess of 1/2″ back into the vent opening.  By making the strips 1″ wide it gave me some material to tape to the bottoms of the vent while still giving a 1/2″ overlap into the opening.

Once these were held in-place using some masking tape on both the front and back, I lay down a layer of fiberglass matt and resin.  Now you might ask “Why are you fiberglassing over the bristol board?”.  The answer is because when the fiberglass resin and matt cure they are almost transparent.

By leaving the colored bristol board sandwiched inside the fiberglass I can see the straight edge exactly 1/2″ in the vent.  That way I can see the line to trim the excess and ensure that it is the exact size that I want.

Here you can see the back-side of the trunk vents after the fiberglass had cured and I trimmed off the excess.

The next step was to flip the lid over, remove the masking tape from the top-side of the bristol board and lay down some more matt and resin on the top to sandwich the bristol board inside and strengthen the ledge.

From there it was a matter of more trimming, grinding, filing and sanding to get them the way I wanted before I lay down a little bit of short-strand filler to level out the top surface of the ledge with the top of the vent below it.

Here’s one of the sides filed down and ready for the short-strand filler.

You can see how the ledge now recesses back into the vent but it needs that short-strand to build it up a bit to be level with the top of the vent below it.

This was as far as I got for the day, I started working on the second set of vents and then nicked my knuckle with the grinder.  So I figured I would call it a day before I got distracted and nicked another finger 😦

I still haven’t built the recess for the top two vents which are a bit more difficult since I don’t have access to the majority of their backside.  They are tucked inside some carbon fiber work I did for supporting the trunk arch.   But the vent fiberglass fabrication is almost complete.  Once the fiberglass work is finished, I’ll move onto the mesh inserts.

On an off topic side note, I finally got to see my new neighbor’s 650hp Viper GTS today pulling out of the driveway.  Sweet looking and sounding car.  I’ll have to get a closer look and maybe even a ride 🙂

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