My Last Day at BlackBerry

This week has seen two events I wanted to mention.  First, this past Monday was my last day at BlackBerry.  Second,  today is July 23rd which is officially considered Batman Day (and my daughters birthday… coincidence?)   🙂

It’s been 9 1/2 years since I joined BlackBerry via an acquisition of a small start-up company called Nextair.  It’s been an incredible journey and  I gotta say, I feel really weird and have lots of mixed emotions!

While BlackBerry is the target of a lot of media, one thing that doesn’t shine through those judgemental blog posts are all of the AWESOME people who work for this company!

I’ve had the extreme honor of calling leaders & mentors like Adrian Gould, Alec Saunders and Chris Smith my boss during my time at BlackBerry.  I’ve worked with some of the most talented and passionate people in the world whom I’m extremely proud to call my colleagues & friends.

Everyone at this company has always accepted me for “me” without casting judgement, but instead has given nothing less than 100% support and encouragement.

This doesn’t just go for the colleagues I’ve worked with, but also all of the developers in our community whom I’ve had the privilege to meet.  Everyone on #TeamBlackBerry have something very special that doesn’t get talked about enough.  We can all feel that indescribable “something”.  Maybe others just don’t understand.

Sometimes there just comes a point where things change, and it becomes time to part ways. It’s not a negative thing.  It’s natural in both a company’s and employee’s evolution.

So of course, in my usual unusual way, I decided to go into my last day of work dressed as Batman to see if I could spark some silly smiles.  I mean, did anyone expect anything else!?!? 🙂

I’ll be taking some time off to re-energize and spend time with my family.  Oh, and you guessed it, continue to work hard on the BatBerry!

With that said, I leave you with some pictures of my last day showing only a tip of the iceberg of the incredibly awesome, talented, passionate, and fearless people who work for BlackBerry.

Now… Let me get out to that garage and make this Batmobile work with the most trusted and secure smarphone on the planet!

I mean… would Batman use anything less!

25 thoughts on “My Last Day at BlackBerry

  1. Tim, this was a shock to read. I do hope that wherever you going will give you the same as BlackBerry has in being a extended family in a way. All though this is sad, you right in that lifecycle, sometimes it is just time to change the scenery. All the best.

  2. We never met, but as a developer/tinkerer I have been the recipient of your good work at BlackBerry. This is BlackBerry’s loss, IMO.

    All the best Tim, and kudos for going out with a *BANG!* *POW!* *BLAM!*

  3. Oh man, wish I’d known, or that you’d popped up to 6th. Hope all goes well in future, and keep in touch.

  4. Reading this from Taiwan makes me happy to know there are still other people out there who enjoy supporting Canadian innovation and creativity…not to mention AMAZING Batman wearing suit type people. That’s what success and life are all about. I don’t know you good sir but I had the privilege to read your post via a good friend.

    Good luck in the future.

  5. Ah Tim……we met once – LOVED your office. I know what you mean about the special “something”. It was my favorite part about working at BlackBerry. Employee evolution indeed. Please don’t settle in your next role. Find that special “something”. Then tell everyone else where it is so they can join you. 🙂

  6. My brother runs the BlackBerry Messenger channel B B Powered. He has just introduced me to your story tonight. We have been huge fans if BlackBerry and have really enjoyed any human stories to connect us with the brand. Thank you for your Contribution of me living this brand.

  7. Tim, I wish you the very best for your future and thx for your awesome work at BlackBerry. For me as an independent Softwarearchitect working as a freelancer it was always great to work with you and all your collegues – got so much help and inspiration.
    …. will miss you (and continue to fight for BlackBerry 😉

  8. Tim, wishing you the very best for the future.
    I’ve been impressed all the way by your professionalism, receptiveness and involvement. Thanks for all the time you’ve spent answering our (often noobish) questions and lighting the way at devcons.
    We’ll miss you “dark knight”.

  9. Noooo… you are one of my favorite devs at BlackBerry. I really enjoyed your videos that you made and your contributions to BBUI.js (what I use for most of my BB10 apps). You will be missed and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours (including the BatBerry).

  10. Tim, it was an honor working with you. I learned a lot and you inspired me to get better each day. Tried really hard to impress you my friend 🙂 Keep fighting and all the luck to you and your family. You are a great leader!

  11. Thanks for all your assistance Tim. In some aspects you have been BlackBerry to me. All the way from South Africa, I want to wish you well. Good health and prosperity. I’ll still be following you and follow the progress on the batberry.

  12. Hey Tim!

    That’s one of the biggest shocks I got.
    We’ve met once in Amsterdam and I felt always in good hands with you. I don’t know if I should cry or still go on as usual.
    It was a very big pleasure for me to meet you and I only can wish you all the best from Norway. And who knows what future will bring. With Norwegian words: Tim! Takk for sist og lykke til videre. Vi ses igjen.

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