A Start on the Trunk Vents

I only worked on the car for a little bit today.  It’s a bit rainy outside so I did a little bit of work on the vents for the trunk and then came inside to watch some Harry Potter with my daughter.

I’m still working through exactly how I want to put mesh into these vents as there are a few options.  One being the same way I did the mesh in the top intake of the cabin.  That technique would work for all of the vents except for the ones at the very top which have their back’s sealed in with some of the support work that I did on the trunk.  All of these vents will be decorative only because I need the trunk to be water tight.

So I’m thinking through a few ways of making it work and hope to come up with a solution that will work for all of the vents.  The first step was to cut out the vent openings to get their general shape.  You can see a close-up in the picture at the top of this post.  This was done with a dremmel cut-off wheel and then further shaped with some files.

I always like working on one side first to figure things out and then apply the same techniques to the second side.  This saves some “do over” work for the mistakes that I make along the way.

You can see in the picture below that the vents on the actual car are positioned slightly different, which I’m OK with.  The original trunk molds weren’t found and so the trunk that comes with the kit isn’t quite shaped the same. You can also see how the vents kind of tuck, or indent, back into the opening so that the mesh is recessed.  Much like the mesh in the top vent of the cabin.

As the picture above shows, the mesh in the rear vents is a circle perforated steel pattern.  I’ve called up the same local steel shop where I get my material and they also have this pattern so I’ll pop by their shop and pick some up.  It’s the same pattern that’s used on the front nose vents on the hood seen below.

I’ll have to build up the vents with some fiberglass to get that indented look and then figure out exactly how I want to place the mesh inside and seal it all up.  But first things first, I need to build the indents on the vents and then take it from there.

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