New Wheel Bats!

Giddy-Up! New goodies arrived in the mail yesterday.   I had the extreme pleasure of having Ed Farrell (a well known costumer and prop builder in the Batman world) reach out to me on the Brotherhood of the Bat forum to offer an addition to the BatBerry.

Ed had some molds of the wheel bats from the actual 89 Batmobile and offered to make me up some for the project.  This was an extremely generous offer and of course I had to take him up on it 🙂

These are solid resin and will be modified to have a steel backing plate with a stud welded onto them.  They actually act as kind of an old-school hub cap fastener which threads into a structure that holds the “cones” in-place inside the wheels.

You can see just how nice and thick these are compared to the ones that I currently have.  I’m really looking forward to working with these and getting them on the car.  You’ll notice that there are 5 of them.  Well, that’s because I have one extra for when I screw one of them up, not if I screw one up 🙂

These will be a great addition to the car thanks to the generosity and talent of a fellow Batman fan!

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