Warner Brothers VIP Tour Booked!

I had posted on my BBM Channel (C00121FC2) earlier that I really wanted to be able to go and check out the 75 years of Batman exhibit at the Warner Brothers VIP tour in L.A.. Well I’m happy to say that I now have my trip booked!

It’s very rare when you actually get that many Batman movie related props, costumes, artwork and vehicles all in one spot.  The last time I actually saw the 89/92 Batmobile in-person was back in the very early 2000’s when it was at the Detroit International Auto Show as part of the OnStar promotions.  They had created a series of commercials with the car and since I was living in Windsor, ON at the time I was able to hop over the border and check it out.  At that time all my photos were with a point and shoot camera using film… yes that’s right, actual film 🙂

So now I’ll be heading out to L.A. for a few days during the week of August 11th.  The fun part is that I’ll be taking my 8yr old daughter with me (but she doesn’t know it yet, it’s a bit of a surprise for her).

I’ll also hopefully be connecting up with Matt Munson who is also building the 89 Batmobile dubbed the “MattMobile”.  Matt’s a multi-talented guy who builds lots of great props and costumes.  If you’re a Doctor Who fan you’ll love his Tardis project.  It would be great to check out his MattMobile build and share ideas.

I’m very excited and I’ll be sure to take LOTS of pictures with my DSLR!

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