Considering Some Canopy Arm Adjustments

After finishing the structural work for the Canopy I’ve been thinking about beefing up the rear arms that hold the canopy wheels.  Right now these are just a couple of bent pieces of steel.

With the added weight of the steel in the canopy I’m worried about getting some flex in this bent steel.  I had already noticed that there was a little bit of flex before adding the steel frame to the canopy.

The picture at the top of this post shows a close-up of the canopy arms from some hi-definition video of the actual Batmobile that I received from Matt which he took when all the Batmobiles were out to the original Bob’s Big Boy.

The production team used a bit of a different rail system than I did, but you can see how beefy the canopy arm is.  I also noticed from the video clip that there’s a lip on the body that reaches down inside the cabin around the edge of the canopy opening.  I’ll have to see if I can also incorporate that in my build.  I have a bit of rubbing on my canopy arms now, so I’ll likely take my time to both beef up the arm and correct the existing rubbing at the same time.

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