Yesterday afternoon I tackled repeating the process from the drivers side of the car and created the backing plate for the passenger side mechanics.

This plate serves both to support the bottom edge of the body as well as a solid place to bolt on the side mechanics.  Repeating the work a second time is always faster, but the passenger side of the car is also a bit trickier to get access to in my garage as it’s pressed up against the wall.

Here’s a 3D rendering of what the side mechanics parts look like.  There’s actually someone who lives quite close to me that’s involved in 3D printing these parts to use on the car.


The process started off the same as it did with the drivers side by taking the already made template and making any small adjustments for the passenger side.  Turns out the drivers side is about 1″ taller.  So I trimmed off the excess and cut-out my sheet of steel.

The passenger side was then raised-up and set on a jack stand (as you can see from the main picture at the top of this post).  The car actually looked pretty cool up on its side. The steel was then clamped to the outside of the body shell and supports were made to connect the sheet of steel to the chassis.

I also created the same box at the front of the mounting plate to be used later as a solid mounting point for the rear of the front wheel arch.  You can see that on the passenger side of the car things are slightly different and I needed to create a slightly larger box and also weld in a small connecting “wedge” piece that wasn’t needed on the drivers side.

While it was pretty straightforward work, any job always takes longer than you think.  Especially once you account for pulling everything out of the garage and then piling it back in again.   For example this job took about 6 hours to complete.

Next will be creating the bottom body supports in-front of (and behind) the side intake cones.  I’m getting closer to having everything ready for the last week of June where we remove the rear half of the body to prime & paint the chassis to get it ready for final assembly.

It will feel great to know that the back half of the car is on its way to completion 🙂

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