Front Cockpit Flanges

Today I set out to build the body supports for both in-front and behind the side intake cones.   However, when I started to take a closer look at the area I found that with the existing body supports behind the intake and the new ones for the side-mechanics that the body is actually pretty well supported.  So I decided that I won’t need to fabricate these 🙂

Instead I turned my attention to the connection flanges that were needed at the front of the cockpit.  These flanges need to be in-place for a couple of reasons.

  1. They act as a dam to stop any water from draining back into the cabin
  2. They provide a connection area where I can bond some fiberglass to the cabin and bolt it to the chassis.

Right now I’m using two bolts that temporarily hold the front of the cabin to the chassis, but they will be going away once the body is permanently mounted.  You can see the current open gap between the cabin wall and the front of the body in the picture below.

As usual I grabbed some brisol board and created myself a template.  This steel was a little trickier than others since it needed to be curved.   I also didn’t want the steel to go all the way to the top and fill the gap, instead I wanted it to leave a little bit of room.

I’ll eventually create a fiberglass flange coming down from the body and then bolt it to this new steel flange on the chassis.  Once the steel was cut and drilled, I welded on some nuts to the back-side.

While that piece was cooling, I repeated the same steps on the passenger side which (like everything on this car) was a little bit different.  After some massaging I was able to get the proper curve on the steel and welded it to the chassis.

I repeated this process for the passenger side to end up with the desired result seen in the picture at the very top of this post.

I can start to see the finish line for the TODO items before removing the body and finishing up the rear part of the chassis!  I think next weekend I’ll skin the cabin walls with fiberglass and possibly complete the wiring tube for the canopy

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