Exhaust Inserts

Today I had a couple of hours to tinker in the garage.  I started off looking at creating Y-pipes for the back of the exhaust tips, but then realized it would both be easier to create the inserts for the tips with out the Y-pipe attached and I also didn’t have the right materials for the Y-pipes.

So I quickly moved on to seeing if I could make the little inserts that go in the end of the exhaust tips.  I started off by tracing a pattern on some plywood so that I had a template to work from.  I then cut some strips that would fit with the template and welded them onto the tube that I “created” from some threaded electrical tube.

From there it was a matter of grinding down the strips so that they would be as even as I could make them and also slide nicely into the end of the exhaust tips.  There was also a little bit of bending the fins in vice to get them just the way I wanted.

I created a second matching insert and slid them in-place in order to welded them so that they weren’t going anywhere.

I’d been contemplating if I really wanted to do this extra work or not, but as soon as I saw the difference between how the exhaust tips looked when empty compared to having this insert I was immediately sold and knew it was worth the effort 🙂

I still have to make 2 more of these little fellas, but you can see the difference it makes compared to the empty pipe. It’s amazing how such a small accent makes a world of difference.  I have Monday off to take an extra long weekend with my family (they have Monday off from school) so I’ll likely be back out working on the car on Monday afternoon after a morning of BMX and Scooter riding with my daughter!

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