Exhaust Tips

It was such a beautiful day yesterday I had to make sure I did two things. First head to the skatepark on my BMX to have a couple hours of fun with my daughter on her freestyle scooter. Second was to do some work on the BatBerry.

As I’m finishing up all the fabrication work connected to the chassis, one of the items on the list was to finish up the exhaust tips and their mounting plate.  As seen in the above photo, they’re currently just temporarily mounted to a piece of wood that I painted while I was painting some other things in my bronze accent color.  But I got to thinking that I “might” be able to use them as functional exhaust tips.

I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out just yet, but I do know I need something much more solid to mount these suckers to the chassis than their current setup.  That “ball” on the end makes them very end heavy. The first step in making them functional was to remove the mounting bolts.

Now that everything was cleared out and exhaust can now flow through the pipes I needed to replicate the wooden mounting plates in steel.  I actually kind of like the size of the mounting areas.  They seem more proportional to the exhaust tips than the mounting plates on the actual Batmobile which aren’t quite as tall (more on that later).  This was a pretty simple task of tracing the outline onto four pieces of steel and then using a hole-saw to cut out the openings for the pipes.

By cutting the holes through both sides of the steel panels it allowed me to slide the pipes through and give the steel plates something to attach to in order to create a rigid frame.  I also made sure that the pipe stuck through a little bit on the backside of the mounting plate in-case I need to weld on some kind of a Y collector.

By standing them on their ends it let me get a measurement from the face of the steel down to the top of the table to ensure that the face was at a 90 degree angle to the exhaust tubes and tack weld everything in-place.

I then used the original piece of wood to sandwich between the two pieces of steel to get the thickness that I wanted.  The piece of wood gave me the ability to put some clamps on both sides to hold them in-place while I tack welded the bottom piece to the exhaust tubes.

From there I cut a 1/2″ strip of steel to go all around the outside to provide the edge of the mounting plate.  This was then just a matter of using an auto body hammer and a series of tack welds to get everything where I wanted it.

The rest was just spending time with the welder to seam weld everything and then grind away all the excess.  I wanted to get it as smooth as possible because I’m not sure just how well body filler will hold up on the face of the mounting plates if hot exhaust is flowing through it.


After going back and looking at photos from the actual Batmobile, you can see that the mounting plate is not quite as tall as mine.  As well the tip near the curved end on the actual car is closer to the curve where mine is set back a bit.

I also didn’t take into account space for the two smaller pipes seen at the far right of the photo.  If I were to do it again I probably would have shifted the pipes further to match the actual Batmobile.  That would have given me the space to attach those two additional pipes.  Now I’ll have to make some adjustments.  I should have looked closer at the photos before beginning 😦

Here’s a photo of what they should look like on the car when they’re all done.  I’ll also have to figure out a good way to mount them to the chassis so that they’re removable along with fabricating that little tube/fin thing inside the end of the exhaust tip.

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