Exhaust Tips Take Two!

After yesterday’s first attempt on my exhaust tips I decided I would correct the inaccuracies. I knew that they would just bug me every time I looked at them even though no one else would ever notice.  Of course I first cleared my head by spending the morning at the skatepark again 🙂

So I started by trimming the curved end to be more like the ones on the actual car.  It’s a shame to see all that welding and finish work go to waste, but my peace of mind is worth more and they actually turned out great!

Next was lengthening the mounting plate so that I could weld on those curvy tube thingy’s. I ended up finding the tubes in the electrical section of the hardware store and then cut them to fit the angle that I wanted.

Pretty much all that was left was to weld everything together.  While it seems like just a little bit of work, there was a good 6 hours or so of fabrication time involved.

You would also think that a little metal tube would be something pretty easy to find at the hardware store.  I looked for some at a couple of hardware stores but couldn’t find what I needed.

So I ended up grabbing a threaded tube from the electrical isle.  When all life gives you is lemons, bust out your grinder and sanding bits and make some lemonade 🙂

Now I have myself two little tubes that I can use to make the tube and fin thing that goes into the end of the tip.  But that will be for another day.

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