First 30cal Speaker Box Completed

Today I decided to tackle some speaker boxes.  First up was the driver’s side box for the 30cal speaker.  These will be blasting away using the sound board and mini-amp when I press the trigger 🙂

I decided to mount the speakers right underneath the machine guns so that it sounded like they were actually firing.  First I created a template of the shape I needed, cut it out of steel and welded it into place.

For some background, these speaker boxes actually serve two purposes.  They are both a speaker box and the removable side supports for the body.  While I was at it, I welded a nut to the back of the support so that I could enclose the speaker box, and also removed one of the previous bolts.  The new box will also act as a good anchor point for the hood latches that go right in this area.

Once I had everything detached from the car I cut some more sheets of metal to close everything in.

All that was left was to bolt it back into place and see how it fit.  This box took me about 3 hours to build, but the first time building something usually takes a little longer because you’re figuring everything out.  Hopefully the passenger side takes a little less time.

This whole area will get a lot more finishing work to make everything look all smooth and connected.  But that will likely come once the body is permanently attached to the chassis in the spring.

3 thoughts on “First 30cal Speaker Box Completed

  1. Oh man, I had yesterday off of work and used the entire day reading through the whole blog. I would have rather been the second set of hands you needed so many times during this build. Your craftsmanship is a thing of beauty and you now have a follower of this project. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to your next post.
    Best regards

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