More Window Frame Progress

I was able to spend some more time on the window frames here and there over the last few days.  It’s slow work, but it’s coming along. I actually ran out of 1/4″ material today for the backing, so I had to turn my attention to another project.  But I’m now working on the top portion of the window.

You can see how tight the clearance is around the middle section of the canopy. I’ll be cutting the bolts shorter so that they don’t get in the way of the frame or window.  Basically they will come just flush with the end of the nut.  I also welded on the nuts to the center brace so that it isn’t difficult to get the bolts on and off when mounting the center wheel.

I did manage to cut the steel for the top window frame, but like I mentioned, I ran out of 1/4″ backing material.  So I worked on the interior speaker enclosures for the rest of the afternoon and picked up some more material to get back to the window frames next time I’m in the garage 🙂

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