Interior Speaker Boxes Completed

Since I ran out of 1/4″ material in the middle of the day today while working on the window frames, I turned my attention to a smaller project that I could finish during the second half of the afternoon.  That way I could still use most of the afternoon fabricating and then go pick up some more material before I came inside for dinner.

My target…. the speaker boxes for the interior.  I’ve been planning to have a 6.5″ speaker for each of the side panels down by your knee in the cabin and figured that I would use the marine speakers that I picked up earlier.  The 6.5″ speakers were actually a bit too big to fit in the area at the rear of the car for the afterburner sound effect and I’ll have to get a couple of smaller ones for that area.  The marine speakers actually had a nice little protective grill on them that I’ll end up painting black to match the interior.

Right at the beginning I made sure that I left enough room between the two vertical beams on the chassis for some speaker boxes. Now I needed to create both the mounting plates and the rear box enclosures.

Having the mounting plates made out of steel gives me a nice solid point to screw the speakers into place.  Four holes were drilled for the mounting screws and then four exterior points were marked out where the steel would be screwed to the plywood backing.

By placing the mounting plate over the existing opening it gave me the dimensions that I needed to trim to fit the speaker.  Once I had the opening trimmed, I double checked back in the car to make sure that I would have room to build the 1/2″ walls for the box enclosure and still fit between the vertical beams on the chassis.

Last was popping the speaker in and measuring the depth of the box that was needed to enclose everything.  From there it was just some simple cutting of boards and screwing everything in place.

Both the front and back of these wall panels will be skinned with fiberglass cloth and resin to make them all water tight, so I didn’t have to worry about gluing things in-place.  They will all be held securely together with the fiberglass.

All that was left to do was secure the mounting plates to the boxes, pop the speakers in to make sure everything cleared, and then place the side panels back into the car to make sure they also fit.  Overall things went pretty smooth on the construction of these boxes and it’s one more thing that I can check off the list 🙂

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