30 Cal Firing Switch

I did a quick test this morning of something that has been brewing in the back of my mind. I’ve been wanting to find a way to use the switch on the throttle quadrant to do something cool.  The unit has a series of pins for a plug that used to connect to something for god only knows what.

I used my good old multi-meter to find out which two pins would act as the connectors when the switch was in the on position.  The pins were kind of odd and didn’t really take solder that well.  So I found some butt connectors a squeezed them down to size to have a snug push on fit.

This allowed me to hook up my white LEDs to test the system out (as seen in the video at the top of this post).

It’s amazing what you can find for around $30-40!  I managed to find this non-volatile sound recording board that can run off of 12V DC from the car.  And of course I managed to get the last one in stock 🙂

This board also has an interface where I can control it using the Arduino board.  It has enough storage to record a few different sound effects, and the Arduino integration would allow me to play from different places in memory.  Pretty darn cool!  I’ll run this through a little mini amplifier and to two 6.5″ marine speakers that are under the hood right near the machine guns.

This board is what I’ll use to record the 30 cal machine gun sound effects and then play them back when the switch on the throttle quadrant is pressed.  I’ll add a separate “power-on” switch so that I make sure that I don’t bump the button by mistake and scare the living ba-jebus out of me!

Hopefully I can also use the LED strip in the muzzle of the 30cals to get a sweet looking muzzle flash when they fire 🙂

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