Afterburner Finished!

Ahhhh.. one more thing to check-off the TODO list! 🙂  All the fabrication of the afterburner is now complete and I’ve posted a video at the top of this blog entry to show it all working!  I can honestly say that I’m very happy with how it all turned out.  I will however need to double check my afterburner anchor points since adding the extra steel and the heavy speaker magnet gives the unit a fair bit more weight than it had before.

I picked things back up today by creating the legs for the enclosure as well as their mounting points on the base.  This was done by welding on a few tabs and drilling them so that a bolt could pass through.

Next up was creating the legs for the enclosure.  As usual these were created first with some templates and then transferred onto steel.  I temporarily clamped them in-place to ensure the enclosure would sit the way I liked.  Once I had everything test fitted I marked and drilled the bolt holes on the legs.

To make things easy I welded nuts to the back of the tabs on the base plate so that I could simply bolt the enclosure on and off whenever I liked without fiddling around with getting a wrench behind the tab.

I then drilled a hole for the speaker wire to pass into the enclosure from the outside and hid the hole under the top fin.  All that was left to complete the enclosure was to secure the speaker in-place via some screws and take a look at the extra clearance we gained from the new legs.

Now my attention turned to securing the base plate to the afterburner turkey feathers. This was accomplished by welding on 3 tabs to the corners of the base plate and then to the surface of the base of the turkey feathers.

Next I needed a way to secure the outer cylinder from the galvanized garbage can.  I did this by running 3 strips from the base of the turkey feathers up to the outer ring.  These would be marked and drilled for screws to secure the outer cylinder in place.

All that was left was to drill the holes in the outer cylinder and secure them with some black automotive trim screws.  These will blend right in when I paint the outer cylinder with some high gloss black paint.

Final assembly went together without any issues at all.  I’m really glad that I took the time to figure out how I was going to assemble and disassemble the unit.  You could easily weld yourself into a corner if you don’t think far enough ahead.  Securing the enclosure with the bolts was also dirt simple because you could simply turn the afterburner upside down and get a wrench on the bolts from the back.

I really had a lot of fun creating this part of the BatBerry and the afterburner should be a great conversation piece when taking the car out on-the-road or to different car shows.  I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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