Finished the Afterburner Speaker Enclosure

Today was my first day of two weeks of holidays! What does that mean? Well some time in the garage of course 🙂

I really wanted to get the speaker enclosure for the afterburner finished today and eventually get the afterburner fabrication entirely wrapped up before I move onto another project. Like all fabrication it starts out by drawing some cut lines onto steel.  Cutting circles is always a pain in the butt, however, the rotary tool and some nice metal cutting blades eventually did the trick.  First was the face plate that the speaker gets attached to.

Once I had the opening cut out, and the speaker secured in-place, I started trying to figure out how the heck I was going to get a cylinder shape face to attach to the bottom of the crazy shaped enclosure structure?

When in doubt, bust out some templating material!  I mocked up the bottom of the speaker enclosure out of some Bristol board and tried to see if it would give me the clearance that I needed.  Sure enough, it looked like it was going to do the trick! Because of the holidays, I decided to use some festive templating colors with my daughter acting as my lovely assistant 🙂

From that point it was a matter of cutting out the face ring and bending a ring of steel about 1/5″ tall for the sides.  I used some extra aluminium pipe I had laying around to help me bend the shape of the steel before welding it onto the ring.

I tack welded this ring in place on the bottom of the enclosure trying to keep it as straight/even as possible and then started to template out some material to seal it all into the strange shaped enclosure.  Even though no one will ever see this fabrication work, I still wanted it to look half decent. The rest of the time today was spend fiddling around with the steel that boxed in the sides of the enclosure and finish all the welding.

I did however end the day by welding on a couple of mounting tabs to the base plate so that I can bolt this enclosure in-place.  I’ll be creating some legs/tabs coming down from the ends/arms of the enclosure so that it sits up about 1″ off the surface of the base.  This will allow more sound to come out from around the speaker.  More on that progress once I get back to it!

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