Radiator and Fan are now Mounted

This afternoon I decided to tackle the radiator, fan and A/C condenser mounting.  I had previously created the cradle for these items and had just recently received my radiator back from having some tabs welded onto the end tanks

First was the simple task of holding the radiator in place and measuring how much I needed to trim off the tabs as well as mark the holes for the bolts.  Everything needed to be held in-place to ensure that I had clearance all around the rad without rubbing and also room for rad hoses and clamps.  Then I drilled the holes in the tabs and placed the radiator back into the cradle so that I could mark where the nuts would need to be inserted.

As the welding on the nut inserts was cooling, I hooked up the fan to a 12V power supply just to see just how much air it moved, and holy crap, that thing pulls a ton of air which is great!  I then took the fan and started trimming it to fit the back of the radiator cradle.  Once all the trimming was finished I drilled some screw holes and used some self tapping bolt/screws to hold it all down tight.

Once the nut inserts had cooled from their initial welding, I welded them into the cradle for the radiator and attempted to bolt it all together.  However, there were some more areas on the fan shroud that I needed to trim to allow the inlet/outlet of the radiator to clear.  That was a simple task using the cutting wheel on the Dremel tool and then I was able to secure everything with the mounting bolts.

I didn’t quite have time to drill the holes for the A/C condenser on its cradle, but I did bolt the cradle into place to ensure that I still had all the clearance that I accounted for a long time ago.

The last task for the day was to bolt it all back into the chassis of the car to ensure that everything still fit and there was clearance around the radiator and the fan.  Everything all fit according to its initial mock-up so I was a happy camper for the day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Radiator and Fan are now Mounted

  1. You should get a condenser sized to match the rad – you might find more air sucking around the condenser than through. Also you’re adding a lot of unnecessary metal to this tank 🙂 Make a cradle a clamp bot rad+con from top and bottom to save some pounds. I haven’t read your entire blog (yet), but I hope you got the 5.7 LT1 from the donor caprice…otherwise this thing will be a pig to drive. All good though, very exciting project!

    1. I’ll likely build some plastic shrouds around the condenser to ensure the air pulls through it.

      I’m not too worried about the weight of everything since its not going to be a performance vehicle and it doesn’t have the LT1 engine, just the standard 203hp V8.

      The car will actually be much lighter than the original caprice. The firewall alone on the old caprice weighed over half as much as the new fiberglass body 🙂

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