Finished the Port Hole Fabrication

I figured I had better get out to the garage for an hour tonight after we tucked my daughter in and finish up the port hole fabrication.  We have a day of 8-9 degree Celsius day coming up and I want to get some construction adhesive applied to hold these window frames in place.  I don’t want to miss my window of opportunity… Pun intended 🙂

The construction adhesive will hold these until I get a chance to fiberglass them to the body in the spring. I also drilled a few more holes in the steel frame so that I could add some drywall screws to hold the frame to the plywood base.  Once they were secured I just cut the extra length off the back side of the screws.

Last was cutting out a couple pieces of Lexan by tracing the outer circle of the wood.  Then it was just a matter of marking the bolt holes and drilling them out.  Once I have these all fiberglassed into the body I’ll be able to apply a nice bead of windshield urethane on the surface and bolt the window down in-place for a nice water tight seal.  I plan on using a similar technique for the front canopy windows.

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