Finished the E-brake Fabrication

Today was my last day of vacation before working up until the Christmas holidays (I took a bit of time off over Christmas too) so I wanted to really put in a good effort in the garage and get a few things finished.  First on the list was putting the finishing touches on the e-brake setup.  I had previously fabricated the box for the handle, but I now needed to create the cable mount so that I can eventually run the e-brake cables back to the rear drum.

I’ve had the e-brake handle and cable kit laying around for quite some time now so I started the work by connecting the tension adjuster to the end of the handle.  Next was figuring out the height that I needed to mount the cable bracket so that it would be in-line with the tension adjuster.  I created a little box out of the 1/16″ steel and welded some nuts onto the back so that I could simply bolt the bracket into place.

Next up was drilling a hole for the brake cables to come in from the outside of the car.  I’ll end up adding a grommet to the hole so that they don’t rub on the steel and run the cables down the side of the car.  I’ll have to also make sure that I find a way to route them around the exhaust and be protected from the heat.  From there I was able to weld the box into place beside the e-brake handle.

You’ll also notice that I drilled a hole and welded a nut to the top of the box that holds the cable bracket.  This is so that I could make a little lid that will tuck everything out of sight once it is all connected.

And that pretty much finishes up the e-brake setup for the BatBerry.  All I’ll have to do is run the brake cables and we’ll be good to go.  I made other progress today as well, but I’ll do a separate post for it 🙂

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