A Cold Afternoon of Fabrication

Today I headed to the garage after lunch determined to finish up the fabrication for the center slider on the canopy.  The video at the top of the post will show the final product but I’ll take you through today’s steps.  It was an extra chilly day because I had to work with the garage door open in order to be able to raise and lower the hood for test fitting.  The snow was blowing in, but I was bundled up 🙂

First was finishing off boxing in the front mounting platforms for the hood. These will eventually have adjustable feet on them to get the hood sitting exactly the way I want.  For now I’ve used some plywood shims.

This allowed me to then lower the hood down into place.  From there I took out the cutting wheel and cut out the grove in the hood that will allow the slider arm to move towards the front of the car.  I’ll need to eventually clean this cut up and get it all nice and even, but for today the rough cut would do just fine.

I was then able to figure out just how high I could mount the track.  I marked the area on the track where I needed to create a bracket and then fabricated one with a good amount of strength.  The canopy really isn’t that heavy, but I like things to be extra secure.  Once the bracket was finished I drilled and welded in a nut to the chassis post as an spot to anchor the track.

I then cut the shaft of the wheel down to size so that I could get it properly positioned.  This allowed me to mark the spot on the arm that I needed to drill for the shaft of the wheel to pass through.  I then held everything in place and welded the wheel shaft to the arm.

Once I had it all working, I drilled a hole in the track and placed a bolt and nut in it.  This bolt was placed right where it would stop the center wheel from going any further.  This prevents the rear canopy wheels from coming too far forward and falling off their track on the inside.

That pretty much covered it for the day.  I used a small tack weld at the front of the track just to hold it in place.  Tomorrow I’ll create a bracket and bolt the track to the radiator frame at the front and cut away the temporary tack weld.

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