Firewall, HVAC mounts and Rail Drains!

Sunday morning was spent with some friends that I haven’t seen for a while who were in town for a hockey tournament.  They stopped by with their boys to check out the BatBerry in person.  This motivated me to get up off my butt and clean up all the sawdust off the car and get it ready for some more fabrication work today.

First up on the fabrication list was to create a sloped drain for the area where the center rail will be for the canopy.  This area has a curved rail that tucks down under the ridge of the dash so that the front of the canopy falls down into place.  But I want to make sure that when I get water into this area that it will all drain back out.  So I started by cutting a lower piece out of the firewall.  This let me then cut out a flat piece and a couple of angled pieces of steel to create the slope from the bottom of the 2×2 tubing down to the bottom of this opening.

The second job was to create the top of the firewall above the passenger side footwell.  After a few trips getting in and out of the car for test fitting, I welded everytng into place.

By getting the top of the firewall in place it allowed me to finally get the mounts created for the Vintage Air HVAC unit.  I already had a bolt secured to the front of the firewall, but it also has a hanger for the front of the unit to stabilize everything.

I bent a strip of 1/8″ steel at 90 degrees to be used as a hanger, then marked and drilled the holes for the top and front.  I then bolted the hanger onto the front of the unit which allowed me to mark the bolt hole location onto the top of the firewall.  Then it was just a matter of drilling the hole, placing the bolt into the hole in the firewall and welding the bolt into place.  This then acts as a stud on the inside of the cabin for the HVAC hanger.

That left me with a nice finished hanging HVAC unit.  You can also see that I still have some room above the unit to route my flexible vent piping.  When I finished everything off I sprayed a light coat of primer over everything to ensure my hard work didn’t turn to rust 🙂

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