Cleaning up the Cabin

On the Monday of the long weekend I managed to do a little bit more to clean up the cabin of the car.  It was an absolute mess from the water that had gotten into the cabin during the adventure of getting the car down to the Yorkville Exotic Car Show.  I didn’t have the interior cleaned up and sealed at that time so as a result there was rust everywhere.

I was able to finish up the welding on the passenger side footwell, clean up the welds with the grinder and get rid of the surface rust with the wire brush.  I’m onto the second coat of primer on the rear wall of the cabin but I was only able to get a good first coat dusting on some of the other areas that I managed to clean up.

I still have some finish welding to do on the drivers side of the cabin and there’s a ton of work left to clean up the welds and surface rust on the rest of the cabin.  Hopefully I can get to some of that work this weekend along with getting another coat of primer laid down.

One thought on “Cleaning up the Cabin

  1. Very awesome build man. Can’t wait to see finished. I also live in Ontario. Would love to swing by for a look. 🙂 keep up the great work.

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