Long Weekend – Day 2

Day two of the long weekend started off with a trip over to Iceland skatepark with my daughter.  She was showing Gran and Gramps what she could do on her scooter and I was trying to not crash on my BMX.  It was a good way to work out the stiffness from being hunched over in the back of the BatBerry the day before and get back into the swing of things for the morning.

The rest of Sunday was spent covering the plywood walls with fiberglass. It doesn’t take much material to skin the sides of the wood but it does take a bunch of time.  I decided to use some fiberglass woven cloth on each side to keep the thickness down but still give it the needed strength.  Each side of the wood was scuffed up with some 40 grit sandpaper and then covered with a layer of resin.  Then the fiberglass cloth was stuck down to the wood using the wet resin and then more resin was slathered on top of the cloth to make sure it soaked all the way through.

Then basically it was a process of letting the resin cure in the sun, trimming off the excess material, flip, and repeat on the second side of the plywood.  Once both sides had been covered for strength, and trimmed, we coated each of the ends/edges with some resin to make sure the wood panel was water tight.  From there we drilled out the previous holes and sanded the pieces.  Sanding gets rid of the rough spots, but also provides a scuffed up surface for when I end up fiberglassing the walls to the outer body shell.

There was a little trimming and sanding needed to get everything to fit back into place, but overall everything went back in without a lot of trouble.  During the day we also added two more anchor points to each side where the front and rear pieces meet in order to give more strength where the walls connect to the chassis.  Once they are permanently in place I will fiberglass the seams between the boards to make them all one solid piece.

Here’s what the finished pieces looked like all bolted back into place in the car.

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