Some Odds and Ends

Before the camera mounts started to rust on me, I wanted to make sure that I got them sprayed with primer and then some finish gloss black. I had them sprayed with primer last weekend but today I finished them up and they turned out pretty good. These strange mounts are for the night vision cameras that are used to look out the side port holes. Here’s a shot of the mounting bracket without everything attached.

I also finished up the ring that goes around the area between the two rear spring mounts.  I left this area open because there needs to be some clearance for the rear axle when the suspension is fully collapsed and sitting on the bump stops.  The idea is to create a raised tray of sorts that will allow for the axle travel but at the same time can be removed which allows for more clearance back into the hatch area when needed. First up was creating the ring out of some 1/8″ plate and drilling some pilot holes.

I clamped the ring in place and used the pilot holes drilled in the ring to guide the drill to create the holes in the chassis.  I holed out the pilot holes and then created some small nut inserts using my handy nut/washer trick.  Once they were welded I ground them down so that they would insert nicely into the fresh new holes.

Last step was welding the nuts into the chassis, cleaning their surface with the grinder and then testing the fit of all the bolts.  Everything seemed to line up just right (thank goodness).  I’ll end up putting down some kind of foam so that there’s a nice seal between the ring and the chassis.  Next I’ll have to make the raised sides of the tray and add the top piece.

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