Mounting the Valve Block

Every little bit counts when pulling together such a large project as building a replica Batmobile so today I focused on some of the odds and ends that needed to get done.  First up was building a mount for the valve unit for the air ride system.  I connected some of the 90 degree and harness fittings so that I knew how much room I would need on both sides of the valve block.

I want to make sure I have enough room on both sides of the valve unit so that I’m not constantly trying to jam things into place.  I also wanted to make the mount for the valve unit removable just to have the most flexibility for installation.  First I installed the air tank to make sure I had the right clearance and then drilled and welded a nut into the wall of the trunk.

Then I made a plate that the valve block will sit on and drilled the two mounting holes and tack welded the nuts in place on the bottom of the plate. After that I finished up welding the nuts onto the plate.

Then it was time to tack weld the plate to the flange that I bolted to the trunk wall. This gave me the temporary support to build the rest of the mount and measure where I wanted to put a bolt in the floor as the secondary mounting point.

After I tacked all the other pieces in place I was able to unbolt the mount and complete the finish welding.  Once the grinding was completed I took it out and managed to get a couple of coats of primer sprayed so that it’s ready for some finish paint next time I get a chance.

Here’s what the finished product ended up looking like mounted in the car with the valve unit attached before I sprayed it with primer.  Looks like it’s going to work out great!

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