Another Solid Day of Work

Today started off with another morning at the skatepark with my daughter. This time I brought my BMX and tried to re-learn what I was able to do as a kid while she was whipping around on her scooter.  We had a ton of fun playing around in the morning and then I was able to get started on the BatBerry after lunch.

First up was disassembling the turbine to clean up the welds with a grinder in order to spray some black primer.  This will provide a good base coat for when I end up doing some body work to smooth it all out.  But for the sake of the car show coming up this Sunday, black primer with a nice 800 grit wet sand will do just fine 🙂

I also managed to get a few coats of primer onto the side inlet cones.  That should also help with a more finished look to the car.

While the primer was drying I lowered the hood down onto the car and started some body work.  Since I had the full afternoon, I figured I would work on the hood of the car instead of the back wings.  The rear of the car is much easier to work on during the evening without having to move a lot of things around, so I figured I would spend today’s time wisely.

I managed to sand down the drivers side of the hood with some 200 grit and then primer it with 2-3 coats before finishing it up with a 800 grit wet sand.  I didn’t do any body filler work today though.  I want to get the car sprayed with primer and wet sanded to help reveal the imperfections to fix up later.  But I’m not looking to try and finish that body filler work for the car show this weekend.  Time is a ticking and I need to get moving!

I use painters tape (seen under the paint on the front fender) to mark the areas that I’ve sanded with 200 grit so that I know where to start my sanding again as I move along the car.  Overall the body is in pretty good shape.  Of course there are areas where the pull from the mold has some defects that will need to be smoothed/fixed, but all in all, it’s pretty smooth and straight.

The final project for the day was to cut the Lexan and get it installed to replace the temporary material.  The Lexan that I’ll be installing is actually also temporary until I work on the final solution for the windows.  Good news is that as I was working on the canopy today I figured out how I’ll end up making the windows work.  But I’ll give those details on a follow up post when I tackle the work.

The Lexan was a simple process of tracing the old temporary windows and their screw hole positions onto the new material.  Then re-screwing them into the canopy. While I had the canopy off I figured I would also give the dash top a quick coating of black primer.

Once the Lexan was installed I fastened the canopy back onto the rollers and slid it back into place.  The screws holding the Lexan to the canopy do poke through the outside of the lid, so I cut the ends of the screws off with the cutting wheel and then gave the marks a layer of body filler.

Once I’ve finished all my sanding and priming, I’ll use a razor blade to score the outside of the window film and peel it off to reveal the crystal clear windows. I think I’ll cut a couple of smaller pieces for the port hole windows as well.

That finishes all my fabrication work in order to be ready for the show this upcoming Sunday.  Now it’s just a matter of sand, sand, sand, sand, primer, sand, sand, primer, sand, sand, sand… well you get the picture 🙂

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