More Turbine Fabrication

Quite a while ago I did a bit of work on one of the mounting plates for the turbine that was just the start of the road ahead. The little top square piece is where the support will be added that reaches out to the nose of the body to be bolted in place. However, what I figured out was that the mounting plate, while looking pretty screen accurate, was going to have a tough time working with the turbine cone legs.

Basically there were two things wrong.  Where I was going to put the bolts through were going to be a bit too close to the cone legs and would not allow me to do the gradual flare out at the bottom of the leg.  As well, the plate wasn’t deep enough for the depth of the cone legs. Where they were positioned would have basically allowed me to put two bolts mounting the leg to the tub instead of the four I needed.  This meant that I was going to have to make some bigger plates and move the bolts further out away from the cone legs.  While it won’t look 100% screen accurate, it will work for my turbine.

I started by creating a bunch of plates and shaping them to the curvature of the outer diameter of the turbine tube/tub. I needed 6 of these to allow for a plate on the outside of the tub and a plate that will be attached to the end of each cone leg.

Then in order for the cone legs to fit back inside the tub, I needed to trim some of the length off of the leg.  So out came the jig saw and I hacked off some of the bottom.  The plan is to weld some flanges to the plates and screw them into the bottom of the cone legs. Then I’ll fiberglass a tapered look to cover up the screws and blend it into the plates.

Next up was clamping the plates in place and ensuring that the trimmed ends of the cone fit properly.  At this point I traced the plates onto the tub, and also traced the ends of the cone legs onto the plates so that I know where to eventually weld on my flanges

I used the top plate with the little square already welded to it as the template to see where I needed to drill to ensure the bolts would go into the plates but clear the square centerpiece.  I welded the top plate onto the turbine to hold it in place (I’ll need to eventually add some more material to it) and then drilled my holes.

This allowed me to clamp the inside top plate in-place and trace the hole pattern onto the plate.  This also provided a template to transfer the hole pattern to each of the other inside plates. I continued to clamp them to the inside of the tub using my traced lines, and then transferred the hole pattern to the inside of the tub.

I then drilled the holes into the tub and used some 3/8″ bolts to tighten and secure both the inside and outside plates together.  I’ll use some shorter bolts when I’m finished, but these will do for now.

Next up is welding the outside plates onto the tub and welding the smaller outside flat mounting plates in place.  Then it will be on to making the tabs to attach the cone legs to the inner plates followed by the mounting tabs that will attach the turbine to the body shell.

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