Day One of Body Work

Today was an entire day of body work on the BatBerry as I start to get it prepared for the Yorkville Exotic Car Show on Fathers Day.  Man are my muscles feeling it! I’m pretty much over my summer cold so I figured I would sweat the rest out in the garage.  I want to make sure the body is looking closer to finished for the show so it was time to roll up the sleeves and get to sanding.

Started off spot filling and smoothing on the drivers rear quarter and fins. The sanding blocks that I bought previously really worked like a charm.  For the show I plan on having the car looking pretty good with some black sandable primer.  The picture below shows the drivers side after 80 grit, then primer, then a 200 grit wet sand.

After that I did another couple coats of primer and wet sanded with 800 grit which really looked pretty good.  Nice and smooth but still kind of a flat black.  That whole section should be ready for paint other than the vents that still will need some work.

I also took some time to shape the port holes on the sides. I had previously performed a rough cut to get the center section out, but it was jagged and nasty looking.  Below you’ll see a before and after on today’s progress. Hopefully I’ll have some lexan in the port hole for the show.

I also did some work on the inside of the drivers side fin.  The below picture is after a round of 80 grit, then primer, then 200 grit wet sand.  Now I just need to do a little bit of filling, sanding, final primer coat and 800 grit wet sand.

I finished off the day doing some 80 grit sanding on the top of the cabin.  I wanted to get it all nice and smooth before applying the coat of filler for the main seam and numerous flaws from when it was pulled from the mold.  The picture below shows after the first round of 80 grit sanding.

After that I managed to get a layer of body filler down the seam and do a bit of shaping before I called it a day.  Tomorrow I hope to finish up the inside of the drivers side fin, the top of the cabin and some work on the passenger rear.  I had about four different sets of visitors today to check out the progress, and a trip to the store which slowed me down a bit.  So I hope I can speed things up tomorrow.

For now I just need to rest my muscles 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day One of Body Work

  1. looks great.. what a great job on making the batberry batmobile… is there anyway to see the car in person?

    1. It will be down at the Yorkville Exotic car show on Fathers Day downtown Toronto if you would like to come down and check out the car

      1. what if I cant make it to the car show is there any way I could still see the car?

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