Propping the front of the Cockpit

One of the other items that I wanted to accomplish this week was to get the canopy sliding forward.  First step was getting the front of the cockpit propped up to match the level of the hood.

When the hood was cut free from the body, the front of the cockpit is no longer supported and will end up just sagging. So first step was propping the front of the cockpit and creating some braces under it to hold it into place.

We then welded in a couple of cross pieces from the firewall to the bar behind the dash using the 2×2″ tubing.  I had a bit of an “oh oh” moment when I wondered if the cross pieces would get in the way of my air conditioning unit. But after a quick verification I knew that I would have enough room . Phew.

We also created some angled pieces to fit into this space with 1/8″ plate welded to the top.  We then drilled this plate and welded in a nut so that the fiberglass could bolt onto the support.

Overall it was a pretty successful bit of work.  You can see from the below pictures, we now have everything pretty much leveled out.

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