Modifying the header

In my last post I mentioned that the passenger side header was too tight to the engine block and was bumping into things.  They were hitting both a plug on the block as well as the bolt going through the engine mount.  So I decided to cut into the header and tilt the collectors out a bit. I’ll likely have to do the same on the drivers side.  The drivers side is just a little bit tight for one of the plugs on the block.  Good thing I didn’t weld the cat in place yet.  I’ll also likely add a flex pipe to that section as well just to give the welds a little less stress.

As you can see from the photo above, I cut out a pie shaped wedge out of the top of the collectors so that I could tip them out.  Once I hand them chopped, I tack welded them in place to make sure they were going to fit.  Sure enough the fit just right 🙂

I did the finish welding and bolted them in place.  Now I just need to run the rectangular tube under the passenger side frame rail to head back to the flowmaster muffler.  I’ve been trying to take some time and get my Subaru back up on the road.  After those damn thieves hit the car at the end of last summer, I haven’t been really able to enjoy the car.  I need to get it back up and rolling again and then turn my attention back to the BatBerry.

I took the week of May 20-24 as vacation so I’m hoping to get lots done on the BatBerry that week.

One thought on “Modifying the header

  1. Hi it’s Phil Downe from the Yorkville Exotic Car Show. My PR firm is asking for a couple of feature cars to mention in the press release which has to go out soon. Will the BatBerry be able to make an appearance on Bloor Street for this charity event on Father’s Day June 16? it doesn’t have to run – it just has to sit there from 11am until about 6pm and you and a guest can lounge in the Paddock Club all you want. Please let me know ASAP, (416) 920-2228. Cheers,

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