Starting on the Passenger side Exhaust

Not a lot of exciting news to share on the passenger side.  Yesterday I managed to create another 5′ section of 2×3 tube for the passenger side of the car.  I then started to fit the new header onto the passenger side and ran into a snag.  Headers for this car are driving me crazy.

On the passenger side the header collector is slightly bumping into the bolt on the engine mount.  I’ll likely be able to modify the header to make it fit, but that means cutting into those nice ceramic coated headers 😦

I think in general I’ll have to make both headers angle a bit more towards the outer frame rails to clear everything on the block.  Just one more thing to do.  I’m thinking I can likely cut the runners off right where they meet the flange for the head and angle them outward

Maybe I can try that out some evening this week

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