Driver’s Side Exhaust 2/3 complete

This afternoon I was back in the garage.  At least it warmed up to -1 out there by noon so it wasn’t too terrible.  First up was figuring out the angle to cut off of the two 2×3 tubing pieces to get the desired 45 degree angle I was looking for.

Next I thought I would see just how hard it was going to be to bend that 3/8″ rod for hangers.  With the help of my vice and a lot of pounding with the baby sledge it ended up bending not too bad at all.  I didn’t even need to apply heat. I also welded on a ridge close to the end so that it doesn’t pull back through the insulator and then ground down the end to a nice tapered angle.

The next step was to figure out just how long the 2×3 tubing needed to be and what space was needed between the frame rail and the exhaust.  I used two jack stands and an extra piece of 2×2 tube that seemed to get the exhaust sitting right where I wanted it.

Next up was drilling a hole and welding in the bung for the O2 sensor.  After the bung was finished I welded the tube to the 90 degree bend that will be attached to the collector flange of the headers.

Once I had the 2×3 tubing all lined up with the 45 degree angle piece I could line up the bend coming off of the header collector.  I needed a straight line here because this is where I’m joining the two sections with the Magnaflow hi-flow metal-core cat.  In the picture below the cat is just hanging in place since it is slightly larger than the 2.5″ OD tubing which creates a lap joint.

Finally I needed to finish up the round-to-rectangle transition on the pipe.  I just used some scrap metal that I had around from cutting the one side of the 2×2 tubing.  I also added my hanger to the exhaust and hung it from the frame rail with a second hanger.

Last was hanging the rectangle tube back in place and loosely connecting the header collector tube by sliding the cat over each round end.  I don’t want to weld the cat in place quite yet.

The lap joint of the cat gives me a little bit of wiggle room that I’ll need when hanging the rear of the rectangle tube.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get the muffler hung and get everything connected.  I’m still not sure how I want to route the exhaust over and behind the rear axle.  There’s not a lot of space back there.  But I’ll deal with that challenge once I get both sides finished.

3 thoughts on “Driver’s Side Exhaust 2/3 complete

  1. Hi Tim

    Interesting idea to use rectangular steel for the exhaust.

    Not sure if this is a dumb question but why not just use exhaust tubing instead?

    Keep up the good work



    1. It saves me about 1/2″ of clearance by going with the rectangular tube. The profile of the pipe is only 2″ tall compared to 2.5″ round tube. But the rectangle flows just as much volume as the 2.5″ round .

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