Fuel Filler Neck Problem Solved

While I was visiting Performance Improvements this morning to pick up my exhaust parts I mentioned to the guys there that I’ll soon be trying to figure out my fuel filler neck configuration.  Basically with the lower fuel filler cap and fuel tank configuration an off the shelf filler neck will be tough to find.

So they showed me a simple solution to my problem.  They had a So-Cal universal gas cap that screws onto a 2.5″ mild steel neck.  This will allow me to cut a 2.5″ hole in some of my 1/8″ steel and weld it to the neck so that I can fasten it to the body. On the other end I can use some standard 2.5″ tubing to weld a neck at whatever angle I like.  I just need to add a small nipple to the filler neck for the fuel tank vent line and I’m in business.

As you can see it’s a pretty nice fit into the Shelby style fuel filler caps.  It goes to show that it’s always helpful to ask those who have already been there and done that before.  I may need to weld on a couple small tabs to the top of the cap so that it’s easy to spin, but other than that, it looks like it will be a great solution 🙂


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