Exhaust Parts have Arrived

I should have all the parts I need now to really get started on the exhaust fabrication.  This included some 2.5″ weld on flanges and two O2 sensor bungs.  Believe it or not one of the trickiest parts to track down were weld on exhaust hangers.  Some had them available but they were a 1-2 week order time from the west coast of the US.  So I improvised a bit and just bought some 3/8″ rod from Rona that I’ll weld some ridges onto 🙂

I was also able to drop by the local Part Source and pick up some hanger insulators and some replacement O2 sensors (after I found out the existing ones were welded into the previous exhaust.. yeah.. lovely eh?)

The new Flowmaster 40 mufflers should give the BatBerry a real nice growl.  The car absolutely needs to both look and sound nasty as it rumbles down the street.  Kinda like it would eat small animals and scare children if they got in its way 🙂

One thought on “Exhaust Parts have Arrived

  1. If you wanted to start building these and selling them I would be interested in buying one I would like it to be built out of a 1979 Camaro

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