Spring Cleaning

Yesterday afternoon was a good time to do a little bit of spring cleaning.  I managed to get most of the garage cleaned up so that I’ll have room to work on the exhaust over march break.

I picked up some 2.5″ mandrel bends and a couple of high flow metal-core cats to fabricate the exhaust.  Luckily I already had a couple of Flowmaster 40 mufflers from the caprice donor car.  The long stretch of exhaust tubing will be fabricated into some 2×3 rectangular tubing that I’m going to create out of a couple 2×2 tubes. This long tube will go right underneath the frame rails on both sides of the car. They will then have some 45 degree angles on each end.

It’s a bit hard to explain until I get started with photos, but all the pieces have been ordered and should be here on Monday.  I’m hoping to get the exhaust finished over march break.

Now its time to head out to the garage to finish up the spring cleaning before we go and check out some dinosaurs at the ROM for the afternoon 🙂

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