Parts Arrive

I had posted earlier about doing some mock-ups for the fuel tank as well as using linear actuators to help lift and lower the hood in order to not mark up the car when using the winch.  Well… the parts arrived.

First up was the fuel tank.  Even though it wasn’t “exactly” as advertised.  It does look like it will do the trick.  There was a 45 degree filler neck that came with the tank that should work perfect.  I just need to drill the tank and add a fuel return line as well as a filler vent with roll-over valve.  I have the parts, I just need to get some bulk-head fittings and do the work.

The linear actuators however were right on the verge of being too long.  The weather on Sunday was crazy for this time of year!  It was +14°C so I was able to open the garage door and work out there in a t-shirt while lowering/raising the hood on the car for test fitting and doing some mock-up work.  The front actuators were perfect, but since the hood gets lower closer to the cockpit, there’s less vertical room available.

After checking out where I can have the ends press against the hood, I was able to find a spot where the rear actuators would actually fit.  Phew!

As you can see they give lots of clearance above the hood of the car.  However, I’m going to have to make sure they’re plumb in order to raise the hood straight up and down.  Securing the bottom of the actuator will be easy, but I’ll have to come up with some kind of brace to hold the other end in place.  They’re a bit of a weird shape, so I’ll have to figure something out.  Preferably with a little bit of adjustment.

The major temperature/pressure swing gave me a nasty sinus headache, so I called it a day early…. well…. that was after I sat in the car with the hood down and canopy closed pretending to drive around for a while 🙂

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