More Front End Welding

After a lovely trip to the dentist this morning, I was able to spend the afternoon finishing up some welding on the front end of the BatBerry. Tomorrow will be a fun Daddy/Daughter day going to the International Motorcycle Show! We really enjoy spending the time together sitting on the bikes, eating pizza and checking out all the cool custom bikes.

I finished off most of the mounting points for the radiator/condenser/fan cradle on Monday, but I had a few bottom connection points to finish up. I started off creating the drivers side mounting tab that bolts onto the old engine cross member.

Then I moved on to the passenger side creating a tab that bolts to the frame rail.  These use self tapping bolts/screws to hold everything in place. I’ll likely throw on a lock washer when I do the final assembly.

Surprisingly, I was able to finish up that work pretty quickly so I moved on to finishing the final piece of the tube chassis that reaches down to the front horn of the frame on the passenger side.

To make everything all nice and solid, I boxed in the end of the frame to the horn and the hood mount with some 1/8″ plate.  Again, likely a little bit of overkill, but it does make it look all nice and neat.

As a comparison, you can check out the picture below of the drivers side that will eventually be boxed in like the pictures above.  I’ll also plate the sides where these angled tubes meet the main tubes running the length of the hood.  I like plating and boxing in some of the butt joints for extra strength. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

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