Fuel Tank Dilemma Resolved

I’ve made many posts in the past around how I might be able to make my fuel tank work.  However they all ended up with me conceding to the fact that I won’t be able to make the fuel filler cap locations work for filling the tank.  They were just sitting too low in order to get fuel from the cap to where my tank was sitting.  This would create a P-trap in the filler neck making filling up at the gas station a long and next to impossible task.  That means that I would have to pop the trunk each time I wanted to fill the tank 😦

An alternative was to try and get a custom tank built, but they were all pretty darn expensive.  A couple days ago (after talking through the fuel tank situation with a friend) I figured I would give it another shot.  The beginning of that conversation was around moving the air ride tank from its current position into where I currently have my fuel tank.  This would allow me to place a fuel tank where the air tank currently is in order to make the fuel tank lower than the fuel caps.

However getting the filler tube from the cap to the tank was still going to have a problem with going up and over the wheel area, which would put me back to where I started with a P-trap in the line.  But the search for another tank that would fit ended up revealing a solution.

I came across this universal tank that was 30″w x 16″d x 8″h and also had the fuel filler neck going into the side of the tank.

The word BINGO is what immediately popped into my head.  This was a low profile tank that would likely fit into my existing fuel tank area and also have a side filler neck that would even make the tank entry position lower!

This of course started a little project that my daughter and I could tackle this morning.  Make a mock-up tank out of cardboard to see if this sucker would fit.  We had some left over cardboard from the garage cleanup on New Years Eve that would work out just fine.  So we cut our top and end pieces to the measurements of the tank.

Next was placing it into the BatBerry to see if it would fit.  Turns out it fit in really well right under the trunk hinges (much better than the existing fuel cell).  Once I had it in place I ran a level across the top of the tank to the area under the fuel filler cap on the passenger side.  It turns out that I will have about a 4″ drop from the fuel cap to the top of the tank.  This means about a 6″ drop from the cap to the neck position on the tank.

YAHOO!!!!! 🙂

The other really cool side effect with this tank is that it already has a fuel pickup tube that will work great with my external pump and it’s configured for my aftermarket fuel sending unit.

Now THIS is the way to start off the new year. Let’s just say that one of these bad boys is in the mail 🙂

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