After a Month, I’m back at it!

It’s been a while since I’ve been out working in the garage on the BatBerry.  I’m pretty sure it’s been almost a month of other “stuff” going on keeping me out of the garage.  So this afternoon it was nice to be able to get back out there and get to work.  Today’s goal was to mock-up the radiator assembly mounting points.  To do that I needed to open up the garage door and roll the car out a bit so that I could lift the hood up and down onto the car (It was probably up and down 20 times).

After a first quick test fit it was clear that my radiator assembly wasn’t going to work.  It was too wide/tall at the top where it met the curvature of the turbine, so I had to make some adjustments.  I ended up welding in some more tubing and then cut off the excess that was causing the problem.

Once the excess was cut off I was back to test fitting.  I first needed to make sure that there was going to be enough clearance above the steering rack for the pitman arm to swing from side-to-side.  A car without steering isn’t much fun at all 🙂

Once I had the assembly sitting high enough over the pitman arm, I placed the radiator into position and then clamped a straight edge propping up the rear of the assembly to see what kind of hood clearance I had.

This revealed another issue with the assembly, namely the fact that I wasn’t going to have enough room to even place a cap on the radiator filler neck.  There just wasn’t enough clearance between the top of the rad and the hood where it curves back down.

The solution to this was to drop the bottom of the front rad support assembly down 2 inches to give me the clearance that I needed.  I still had to keep the rear of the assembly the way it was to ensure that I would still have the needed clearance above the pitman arm.

Once I modified the assembly I positioned it back into place resting on the rear clamped straight edge and the wood resting on the floor.  These adjustments seemed to be just the trick needed to get everything to fit and still have all the clearances I needed.

To make installation and removal simple for the radiator, fan and condenser I wanted to make the entire assembly removable and simply bolt in place.  In order to secure everything, I needed a top cross member tying the two side tubes of the cage together.  This cross member will also be removable to ensure that engine removal and installation can be super simple by moving everything out of the way.

The cross member also needed to dip down a bit to allow for hood clearance where it curves down around the turbine.  I dropped the cross member down 2.5 inches and then clamped it in place.

This let me make some brackets out of 1/8″ steel to weld to the assembly, which will eventually be drilled so that it can be bolted to the new cross member.   Once the brackets were created I could remove the straight edge which was propping up the back of the assembly.

Things were starting to get really cold at this point and I needed to temporarily secure the bottom of the assembly so that I could remove the wood propping it up and roll the car back into the garage.  So I welded a small piece of tube to connect the bottom of the assembly to the front tow bar.  I’ll end up removing this later once I create some proper brackets for the bottom of the assembly.

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